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Papaya Class provides an important transition between Kindergarten and Primary School, where students are encouraged to become more independent as learners. The children are always taught to their own ability, but expectations of them are high. Where needed we provide support to help students with their English skills development. This is both through additional support in the classroom and out of class support.

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Within Papaya Class we aim to:

   - Provide your child with a safe, happy and caring atmosphere;
   - Educate the 'whole child' through a practical approach to teaching and learning;
   - Offer a stimulating and challenging environment which encourages your child to become confident and an independent learner;
   - Recognise that each child is an individual with different experiences; interests, abilities and needs and to address this when
     planning the curriculum;
   - Develop a partnership between home and school, carer and teacher for the benefit of the child.

In Literacy class we follow the National Curriculum of England, adapted to meet the needs of our students and the local context. The children use a genre approach which is excellent for native English speakers and EAL students to acquire the rules of spoken and written English. It is differentiated to meet the needs of the children.

Each Literacy class is comprised of Shared Reading or Writing, independent reading or writing, speaking, listening and drama activities and focused phonics work. The children will learn the skills they need to become confident communicators in English. They will explore familiar stories, poetry and non-fiction texts. Children will also take home library and reading books on a weekly basis.

sjis primary


In Numeracy class we follow the National Curriculum of England, the children learn number skills, data handling, shape and space and measures. Work is differentiated to meet the needs of each child and they will experience a range of learning styles throughout the course of a week, such as kinesthetics, visual aids and auditory material. Wherever possible mathematics objectives will also link into the current IPC topic. Each lesson will comprise of an oral mental starter and then a teacher led session where concepts and methods are modeled to the class, this is then followed by independent work based on the teacher led session. Finally, the lesson will end with a plenary where learning is both consolidated and extended. Children develop their counting skills, begin to describe and explain patterns and relationships involving numbers and shapes. They also develop their understanding of all four arithmetic operations.


In Science the children develop their investigative and research skills through different topics which are linked with our IPC theme.

Information & Communication Technology
The children learn to explore ICT and use it confidently, learning specific ICT skills, such as finding information, writing stories and drawing pictures. They will then apply these skills regularly throughout their other subject and topic work.

sjis primary

Physical Education

The children are taught to explore and develop basic skills through dance, games, swimming and gymnastic activities. These skills build upon what the children have learnt in reception and begin to move them toward more practical skills on the field and in creating gymnastic movements for themselves. This also allows them to develop team-building skills through a programmed
progression from individual work to small group activities, in line with a child's natural ability to work cooperatively. In swimming, the children continue to improve their confidence in the water.



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