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In Pineapple class students are actively encouraged to take more responsibility for themselves and become more independent learners. We follow the International Primary Curriculum which is a theme based curriculum.


In Literacy class we follow the National Curriculum of England, adapted to meet the needs of our students and the local context. During Literacy the class will be following these topics during the year: Fiction Genres, Extending Narrative, plays and poetry. Non Fiction persuasive texts, newspaper reports and information texts. These topics will be differentiated for the level of the child. The children will also have many opportunities to read every day in a wide range of contexts.

Student Support

Depending on the level of support required, students may be supported in class, or as a separate group or perhaps individually.

sjis primary


In Numeracy class we follow the National Curriculum of England, adapted to meet the needs of our students and the local context.During Numeracy lessons, children will work through a series of units which will then be revised from a different perspective in subsequent terms. We will look at the number system, place value, solving puzzles and problems using all four number operations. After this the children will look at shape, and secure their knowledge of relevant number facts. Also studied this term are measuring and data handling and shape and space. Throughout the year, the children will be challenged to provide not only an answer, but an explanation as to how they arrived at it. The children are also encouraged to develop their skills and apply these to practical problem solving.

sjis primary


In Science we study two topics per term, these topic follow the themes of the International Primary Curriculum. Much time in science is devoted to making predictions, deciding how to test, knowing how to make careful observations and measurements, identifying patterns in results and using these to draw conclusions and also do some experimental work focusing on considering whether a test is fair.







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