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Our Watermelon students are becoming increasingly independent, so as to prepare them for Secondary School. We follow the English Natioanl Curriculum for Literacy and Numeracy alongside teh International Primary Curriculum

We try to ensure all topics have speaking and listening and practical activities to help develop the child's language. Where possible we use an interactive approach to the curriculum and create cross curricula links between subjects.

Some of the most enjoyable practical activities take place on our residential trip. This trip is linked with one of our IPC themes.

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During Literacy the class follows the following topics:

Fiction Genres, Extending Narrative, Authors and texts, short stories with flashbacks, Biography and auto biographies, journalistic writing, argument and poetry.
All topics involve a speaking and listening section which helps children to talk about their ideas and develop their language skills. There will be some grammar and they will work towards a big piece of creative writing throughout the year they will learn skill on how to edit and improve their work.

To link with our World War 2 topic and Journalistic writing we had a 'News Day' this was a whole day of working as a reporter. During the day different news articles to do with World War two came into the classroom, children had to develop these ideas into a TV news item. At the end of the day they performed their news program.

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The Numeracy framework involves children working through a series of units which are then revisited during each year getting increasingly more difficult.

This begins with a close look at numbers and the number system, place value and calculating using all four number operations. This will then move on to look at shape, measuring, fractions and decimals and handling data.

ICT is used in all subjects however we also have ICT topics which include: Multimedia presentations, Evaluating information, Introduction to spreadsheets, Monitoring environmental conditions

The science curriculum aims to develop the children's knowledge, skills and understanding of the world around them. Some of the areas of study included interdependence, reversible and irreversible changes, changing sounds, Keeping healthy, Earth, Sun, Moon, Life cycles.





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